Official Opening Day

Sunny, March 16, Horsetales put on a welcome BBQ to help celebrate the Opening of Horsetales.

What a day it was, with Stormy being the walking canvas for all the little and big Picasso’s and demonstrating his gentle nature around us all. More games followed, including Apple Bobbing – clearly the Horses (Charlotte and Stormy) were the winners, although Stormy really did show how clever he is by tipping over the buckets to get the apple.

Charlotte, our current Horsetales adult mare, showed us why she should be in our program, by leading the Sunday participants around the beautiful acreage with the warm sun slowly setting.

Games were followed up by a great BBQ and cold drinks, surrounded by friends and family with the sun setting in the background.

Horsetales would like to give a special thanks to all of those that came to the event, Horsetales look’s forward to an exciting year ahead!

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Best wishes,

‘Horsetales Team’