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Collaboration in the Research Community

Great to see more science based research being pushed into the field of Equine Assisted Therapy, this one coming from NSW in collaboration with other Universities and scientists. Great Transcript, worth a read.

Horsetales Welcomes Rescue Pup – Rubi


Rubi, a 4 year old Australian Cattle Dog had been in a foster home for sometime, and in and out of a couple adoption trials. Rubi waiting patiently, Horsetales noticed that this lovely Blue Heeler could fit perfectly into our already rescue family of pups and horses. Rubi has amazing Australian Cattle Dog loyalty traits, and whilst timid at the start, ‘Roobs’ is now showing her lovely affectionate side. She loves playing tug of war and chasey with her Rescue Sister ‘Dimi’ too. Rubi is great on Horse trail rides, and is lovely every minute of it out here with her new and now forever family.

Guest Speaker at Act Belong Commit – Walking with Horses RDA WA Workshop

Recently our facilitator Nina was asked to present at a Workshop at Fairbridge Farm Pinjarra hosted by RDA WA. Nina presented “The Benefits of Equine Assisted Therapy” to the audience. Her presentation was very well received and we are proud of Nina for her hard work in the EAT research field. Congrats on a great presentation Nina!


Horsetales’ new dream

Horsetales would like to welcome our newest family member, ‘Dream’. Dream was looking for a new home after retiring from racing, and has charmed us with his laid back and kind personality. He’s a true gentleman and looking forward to helping others. He’s a little on the lean side at the moment, but he’s enjoying every bit of the TLC and more so his food bucket 🙂DSC_2919

Official Opening Day

Sunny, March 16, Horsetales put on a welcome BBQ to help celebrate the Opening of Horsetales.

What a day it was, with Stormy being the walking canvas for all the little and big Picasso’s and demonstrating his gentle nature around us all. More games followed, including Apple Bobbing – clearly the Horses (Charlotte and Stormy) were the winners, although Stormy really did show how clever he is by tipping over the buckets to get the apple.

Charlotte, our current Horsetales adult mare, showed us why she should be in our program, by leading the Sunday participants around the beautiful acreage with the warm sun slowly setting.

Games were followed up by a great BBQ and cold drinks, surrounded by friends and family with the sun setting in the background.

Horsetales would like to give a special thanks to all of those that came to the event, Horsetales look’s forward to an exciting year ahead!

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Best wishes,

‘Horsetales Team’

Ball training with Stormy!

Our Stormy is extremely clever, so we are forever having to keep him amused!
In this case, ball training works well for him!

Check out the video, and see just how clever he really is!

Best wishes,

Horsetales team