The Journey

DSC_0514Nina Fischer von Edelau’s story…

Nina, born in the ‘Dolomites’ alpine region of Nothern Italy (‘South Tyrol’) began her passion and love for horses at a young age, where she was surrounded by ‘Haflingers’ (Alpine horse breed). During her childhood, Nina developed many relationships with local horses and stables, and ever since has been an equine lover and fascinated by the animal’s unique communication, movement, trust, understanding, and relationship building abilities.



Nina’s Equine Assisted Therapy specialisation formulated when she had the opportunity to combine her love for horses and her Psychological science background, whilst studying and working in research at the University of Konstanz, Germany. Having completed her Psychology studies, Nina was accepted into the ‘Diploma of Equine Assisted Therapy’ program at the Igogo Institute for Equine Assisted Therapy. Nina’s background in Psychology gave her the opportunity to specialise and extend the field of therapy. During her time in Germany, Nina was able to gain experience in the field of Equine Assisted Therapy by volunteering her time with clients at an Equine Assisted Therapy program based in Konstanz.

Photo of nina in the snow ridingHaving graduated and gained exceptional recognition from her peers and clients, Nina moved to the South-West of Western Australia, to return to her long term partner, Scott’s,  home town. Whilst working and living in the South West, Nina also volunteered her time at the South West’s Riding for Disabled Association. Nina, having enjoyed her time, here in the beautiful South West pocket of WA, decided the time felt right to implement and develop a fully qualified Equine Assisted Therapy program here in the South West of Western Australia.

Nina is passionate about providing highly professional tailored programs for individual and group clients. Nina is currently finishing her PhD in Clinical Psychology, where she is currently undertaking specific research in the field of Equine Assisted Therapy, which will highlight and acknowledge the field and standards of Equine Assisted Therapy here in Australia.


Photo of Nina riding in the snowPhoto of Stormy at the beach